How to Solve the LED Blinking Light Issue in the Belkin Router!

Once you switch on the router, the LED lights of power amber blinks for tiny time pace and so changes in inexperienced or whereas. however there ar repeatedly, there comes a degree that the LED color doesn’t changes or there even comes the time once this light-weight keeps on blinking for much longer time span. This is often nothing however a proof that highlights it as technical downside as per the words given by the technical consultants. This showcase that in the meantime you’re mistreatment the router, the actual person mistreatment the platform is viewing some issue. thus to resolve the outlined technical error, this specific journal can provide you with a simple manner for following the step otherwise you will even get connected to the Belkin Router Customer Support team through the Belkin Router Customer Support number for availing correct steerage.

Belkin Router Customer Support number

Symptoms of Power LED blinking issues:

It is the property of the physics that may showcase the symptoms even before the eruption of any such technical problems. a number of the straightforward discovered symptoms that are may be taken as indicators are:

  • Continuous long blinking of Power LED
  • Amber Power LED
  • No fluctuations in blinking color
  • Problems in simple accessing of the valid IP address.
  • Electronics left offline

Steps for obtaining out of this specific issue of the facility LED:

Below well explained steps can in person assist you in obtaining over the technical issue. These simple steps ar explained by the technical experts:

• At the terribly opening strive turning off the router you’re mistreatment, once facing any kind of fault and so once more activate it for testing dynamic in power LED color.

• Tap the choice of reset {and then|then|so|and thus} persevere holding it for seconds so on restore the router to the plant setting.

• Move ahead and so check the blinking of power LED. If it’s presently blinking then, there comes the necessity for making a association between the laptop and computer network port of the actual router.

Belkin Router Customer Support number

•  Move ahead for setting the IP address, subnet mask setting and more to the entree setting that’s at the static mode by default.

• After playing the setting the IP address of your personalised system and so establishing static mode, plow ahead for obtaining the prompt command.

• Click the enter button when getting into the given extension code

• After obtaining over the on top of explained steps, if user continues to be ready to see all the replies, then there arises the necessity for reinstalling the microcode of the router while not tool setup of CD recovery.

The on top of delineate steps ar terribly simple to follow and can for certain take you out of technical fault. For a lot of directions and downside determination, straightforward enter Belkin Router Technical Support Number.


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